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Collect ideas and suggestions of your web site visitors and users

VoxPopuli lets your web site visitors submit ideas and suggestions regarding your web site, your products and services right on your web pages. Other visitors can vote for or against submittions.

Latest version

Release:  3.0.13
03 January 2014

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Know what your visitors and customers want

With VoxPopuli feedback widget you can hear your customers and find new ideas for your business, products and services. Your users want to be heard - so let them say!

VoxPopuli feedback widget can be placed on your web pages and integrated with your web page layout. You can customize colors, translate text messages, setup various options. VoxPopuli was designed for integration with various Content Management Systems (CMS), ToDo lists, forum systems and other web applications and collaboration tools. With VoxPopuli you are the master of your direct communication with your customers.

Key features

  • Your data is under your control. VoxPopuli is the installable solution, which you install to your web server, and which stores all colected data on your web server.
  • Unlimited idea submissions. You decide who may submit ideas and whether the submitted ideas become visible immediately or require moderation.
  • Flexible design. By changing a CSS stylesheet and replacing voting images you can adjust the widget to look like the rest of your site. Default style reproduces design of EldoS site.
  • Localization. You can translate all text of the widget to your language. Moreover, you can let the user switch languages, if needed.
  • Integration with third-party applications. Idea can be put to web-based or other ToDo list or planning software, it can be discussed in the forum or newsgroup, user permissions are controlled by the CMS you have on your site etc.
  • and more...

VoxPopuli is a free open-source (commercial license with individual support is available too) alternative to hosted solutions such as UserVoice, CrowdSound or GetSatisfaction.

Technical requirements

  • MySQL database server version 5.0 and later (might work with MySQL 4.x). You must have permissions to create database;
  • PHP interpreter version 5.0 and later (might work with PHP 4.x).

After you install VoxPopuli, you will need to setup it via PHP config file and PHP function rewrites.

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To request more details please use our feedback form or Web-based Helpdesk system.

Ready to try? Download your own copy to try and use VoxPopuli for free.


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