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Solid File System:

I've evaluated three "Single File" component libraries (Delphi) for the purposes of archiving scanned documents (200,000 plus and growing), which were previously stored as NTFS files . I have bought licenses for two of the libraries: The first "Single File" system used function and procedure calls that would have meant significant re-writing of source code, and it was dropped for that reason. It's documentation was awful to the point of being useless. Example code was uncommented. The second we tested required hardly any change to our existing sourcecode. In this regard is was excellent. IT was well documented, so there was no need to sift through example code to see what did what. The "getting started" guide had me writing useful code within minutes. I bought a license for this library. However, in the real world it proved a poor performer- across a small workgroup network it could take up to a minute to open the archive. Finding a specific file could be be worse. The third and right choice was Eldos "Solid File system". It is fast, according to my benchmarks, and it adapted easily to existing code. My only criticism is the terse help file and lack of a 'programmer's manual'. Examples of using the functions and procedures in the documentation would have been useful. I prefer "getting started" examples in documentation rather than having to dissect example code. Nevertheless, Eldos Solid File System has delivered for my project.

Pierre duParte, 16 July 2006

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