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Support Policy

We separate technical assistance and provision of software updates.

Software updates

New versions and updates for EldoS software are provided according to the terms of the appropriate License Agreements. Provision of such versions is not treated as a technical support and is not covered by this policy.

Technical Assistance

Technical support (assistance) is provided via EldoS website: knowledgebase, online documentation, whitepapers, tutorials, Helpdesk (individual and confidential support channel) and web-based Forum (public support channel).

Technical support is not provided via Live Chat or by phone for the reasons listed here.

Support levels

Several levels of individual technical support are available.

Basic technical support is offered to the users that evaluate our products. It is available only for the latest versions of the products.

Basic technical support is also the default support level for free licenses for software products of EldoS.

Basic support is available at no charge via the Forum and Helpdesk system.

This support level covers

  • Various "how do I" questions asked in the Forum or HelpDesk when such questions have a practical and definite answer. Code snippets and custom samples are provided if they fit the answer and when it takes no more than 5-10 minutes to create them.
  • Bug reports with clear indication of the issue originating from our product. The reported bugs should be either obvious from the description or reproducible in a straight way (in the latter case the test case is required).

Requests that are not handled within Basic support:

  • "Please do my work for me" kind of questions. We offer Expert services for such questions (see below).
  • Requests to review or debug your projects and code. In certain cases EldoS developers may request a code snippet or a complete test case to replicate an issue, and such code snippet will be analyzed and worked on. Possibility to review user-provided code snippets is determined on a case by case basis.
  • Questions which are covered by higher support levels.
  • Requests to create a code sample for your particular business case when it takes over 5-10 minutes to make. Such code samples can be developed as a custom service, for a fee.
  • Requests to assist with the previous version of our software.

If you are evaluating the product by EldoS and have a question which is not covered by Basic support level you can purchase a short-term Premium support package.

Standard technical support is available for customers who purchased commercial license for software product of EldoS, given that assistance is requested for licensed software product.

Standard technical support is available via the web-based Helpdesk and the Forums for the period of time stated in the License Agreement.

This level covers questions covered by Basic support, and also includes

  • Answering technical questions related to EldoS products*
  • Fixing of customer-identified EldoS code inconsistencies

Standard technical support is provided free of charge.

Premium technical support is offered as an add-on service for a separate purchase and is also included (for specific period of time) with a license purchase.

Premium support is available via the web-based Helpdesk and the Forums for the period of time for which the Premium Support package was purchased or granted with a software license purchase.

This level covers questions covered by Basic and Standard support levels, and also includes

  • Assistance in making the output of data processing components match the particular requirements of third-party data processors.
  • Investigating problems that arise from customers use of EldoS products including connectivity problems (impossibility to connect to third-party server or client), certificate validation problems and problems experienced by end-users of solutions developed by the customer that use EldoS products. Note, that investigating doesn't always mean possibility to solve the problem, especially if the latter is a consequence of some third-party's bug or of other factors beyond our control.
  • Creation of sample applications or code snippets upon justified client request. This does not apply if comparable examples are already present in our knowledgebase, documentation or samples. Also an estimated implementation time should not exceed 30 minutes.
In addition customers with Premium support have priority in serving their requests.

Expert services include advanced technical help for fast solution of customer problems. The terms of such support are negotiated on case by case basis. It typically includes

  • Locating and fixing errors in client-developed code
  • Deep client project analysis in order to design effective problem solution using EldoS products
  • Creating test cases, adding additional logging to our products in order to solve end-user's problem in situations when there's no more efficient way to address the problem due to restrictions imposed by end-user's policies or due to end-user's unwillingness to help
  • Developing samples or code for particular business tasks of the customer

Support times

All requests are reviewed in no more than 24 hours (much faster on work days) and an appropriate action is taken. Higher level support tickets have priority.

What is needed for fast successful support

To initiate technical support request please provide information confirming your eligibility (except Basic Support). This is done by assigning a support access ticket to your user account in My Control Center. If you do not have a support access ticket and you are sure that you have a valid license for our product, please provide an Order ID with your request.

To get an adequate answer, please describe your situation in details. Simply stating that "it does not work" provides very little information.

For fast and efficient support we would like to ask you for the following:

  1. Please specify the EldoS product name, version, platform, edition, or code package;
  2. Provide name and version of the operating system, name and version of the development tool that you use;
  3. If our product is used in conjunction with some other software, please specify the name and version of that software too;
  4. Send us step-by-step instructions how we can reproduce the problem. It is helpful to include small test project, screenshots, test data files, etc.

Lack of detailed information will cause a delay in your request processing until all requested details are received.

Limitation of support

Issue resolution is a joint effort between those who have the issue (you or your end-users) and our developers. No need to say that such resolution is only possible if both parties are willing to help and to work on the issue in the most efficient and co-operative manner. This includes (but is not limited to) providing sufficient information about the problem and the ways to reproduce and work on the problem.

There's little we can help with if there's no information given or if the party that experiences the problem is not willing to cooperate. Where the end user can only provide limited assistance or is reluctant to help us investigate and solve the issue, existing support policy doesn't apply. In such cases we may try to help by implementing some additional logging or test cases, but this can only be done within the course of Expert Service which is provided separately from the regular technical support.

Disclaimer regarding third-party software

We aim at providing first-class service for our products to our customers. This means that we focus on our products and generally we don't have technical ability to provide support for third-party software and hardware. I.e. in most cases we just can't answer questions like "why that application crashes badly when connecting to your server" or "why that mail filter marks mail created with your components as junk mail". We do review all such questions to determine if there's anything we can do on our side to ensure best possible compatibility, however please consider contacting the vendor of that third-party software and maintainers of third-party services before contacting us.

Support for previous versions of products

Some problems can be solved by updating your version of our product (for example, if you encountered an issue, a fix or workaround for which was implemented in newer version). Other problems, if they require changes in code, can also be solved only by updating to the latest build of the latest version. In this situation there's little we can do if you want to stay with the old version of our product.

Fair Usage policy.

We want all our customers to get the most efficient (timely and comprehensive) technical support they need. This means that we need to keep a proper balance between time dedicated to each customer according to customer's support level. If it is determined that the amount of support activity demanded by certain user significantly exceeds the average support amount of the customers, the priority of handling such requests will be lowered to let other customers get their technical support as well. Still, we are constantly doing our best to keep our technical support levels at the highest standard, and will make every effort to provide adequate level of assistance for everyone who demands it.

* Please understand that use of EldoS products requires certain level of competence in computer sciences and programming. We are unable to use our support service to instruct on basics of technology, computers, or software development.


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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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