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Forums are available via Web interface. Be sure to read our forum usage policy before using forums.

Forum usage policy

This policy regulates your use of Forum, the public communication channel offered by EldoS.

Forbidden Content

Certain types of information (materials) are not allowed to be posted to public communication channels. Such materials are:

  • Any materials, that are or can be illegal, harmful, abusive, offensive, violent, obscene, hateful to any user or EldoS
  • Unsolicited Advertising materials (you may request permission from EldoS to post certain information, which can otherwise be treated as unsolicited advertising)
  • Copyrighted and patented materials, unless you are the author or copyright holder of these materials or have permission to distribute the materials
  • Materials that constitute know-how or a trade-secret that belong to third-parties
  • Materials, for which distribution, duplication, export/import is a violation of national legislation and/or international treaties
  • Materials, not related in any way to EldoS, it's products and services
  • Any sexually-explicit content
  • Any fraud materials including chain letters, "get rich fast" and "pyramid" schemes


When posting messages, you are welcome to follow several network etiquette guidelines:

  • Remember to put greeting and signature to your message. There are several reasons for this: (a) some news readers strip first and last lines of the message automatically, treating them as greeting/signature, and (b) when you come to some room, you usually say hello, don't you? Treat forums and newsgroups as a room where people are present.
  • Put your name to From: field or to the signature. While it is common in Internet to use nicknames, forums and newsgroups are places which form the community. It is always pleasing when one can communicate with a real person that has a name.
  • Don't use excessive capitalization. In network communications this is treated as shouting.
  • Post only information, related to the topics/description of the forum.
  • Don't post the same message to multiple forums. Select the one, which is the most appropriate for your question.


We don't screen messages in advance and we can't be responsible for materials that you post. As a user you are the only person responsible for such materials. We do not guarantee truthfulness, reliability or accuracy of any materials, posted to public communication channels. We also do not endorse any opinions posted by the users. Posts made by EldoS personnel represent their own opinions and unless explicitly stated, such materials can't be treated as an official position of EldoS.

If we are notified or discover that some materials do not conform to this policy, EldoS may investigate the allegation and determine whether to remove the post and/or restrict or block access to public communication channels for a user, who posted the forbidden materials.


Public communication channels are a place, which is explicitly designed for access by many people and free exchange of information. Whatever you post to public communication channels becomes accessible to public and can be used for any purposes by anybody, who has access to those channels.


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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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