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Do you provide e-mail support?

Our clients often ask this question. Here are the answers.

E-mail is not easy to manage in the long term. So we offer a handy alternative - HelpDesk.

Helpdesk is a confidential web-based communication channel that has several advantages over e-mail:

  1. Helpdesk topics are grouped into "tickets" and each ticket can be handled by one or several of company representatives. Such handling is not possible (or way too cumbersome) to achieve with e-mail, and in HelpDesk it's trivial.
  2. In case of technical issues Helpdesk lets you communicate directly with developers of the software you need help with. You don't need to forward lengthy e-mail back and forth anymore.
  3. Helpdesk provides a uniform way to mark parts of message text, to quote previous messages and to insert code blocks and other quoted texts. Messages are always easy to read and understand, without extra line wrapping, broken text etc.
  4. Helpdesk system sends you e-mail notifications about any change in the topic, and the text of all messages (both yours and those of our personnel) are included into the notifications.
  5. With HelpDesk you have a complete history of communications both in your e-mail and on our site. And so do we.

Another alternative is a public Forum. The forum is similar to helpdesk but can be read by other visitors of our site and it's indexed and can be searched.


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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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