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Components for integration into business platforms

image Secure data and file transfer
Do you need to securely transfer data to and from your business servers? Discover ways to easily create secure communication channels using widely accepted standard protocols. Learn how you can extend your business servers with new possibilities to securely transfer data and files even over unsecured channels, send and receive secure e-mails, safely access and manipulate files and directories on remote servers.

image Document and file security
Does your document flow process require protecting, signing or verifying your data, files or documents? Investigate easy ways to secure corporate documents and files with modern reliable cryptographic algorithms, digital signing and timestamping. Learn how to make your software compliant with government regulations regarding document security.

Components for software development

image Securely transfer files and other data
Need to know how to enable secure data transfer between servers or applications? Discover possibilities to create secure channel by using standard or proprietary protocols. Learn how you can add to your software new capabilities of secure data and file transfer even over unsecured channels, send and receive secure e-mail messages, and even safely access and manipulate files and directories on remote servers.

image Represent and manage remote data as local files and directories
Are you looking for possibility to give file-based controlled read-write access to any remote data (including remote files, database records, etc.)? Learn how to do on-the-fly conversion of your data and represent them as local files and folders of a virtual disk.

image Secure documents for storage and transfer
Do you need to manage your files and documents in a convenient and secure way within your application? Investigate easy ways to create simple or multifunctional secure document and file storage, add digital signature to existing documents, and to comply with government regulations regarding document security.

image Document-oriented storage for valuable information
Looking for a secure storage for documents and files in your application or hardware appliance? Find the ways to create encrypted containers for application data or documents and represent this storage as a virtual disk.

image Monitor and control disk and file operations
Would you like to get instant control over any disk and file operation on the file system level? Learn how to implement enhanced logging, modify the files on-the-fly, provide restricted controlled access to files, implement direct access to raw disk data and system restricted files in Windows.

image Monitor Windows registry operations, track process- and thread-related activity
Do you need your application to be notified when some other application reads or alters Windows Registry? Find how it's possible to track registry operations. If you are looking for a way to protect the process from being closed, or to control launching of new processes and thread creaation, we have a solution too.

image Build cross-platform communication channel for client-server, peer-to-peer and grid applications
Would you like to implement reliable communication between your applications working in heterogeneous environment? Learn how to pass messages and data between your client-server or peer-to-peer applications which run on different platforms. Plus, get right components for building distributed, scaled or grid networks.



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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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