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Represent and manage remote data as files and directories

Sometimes documents and files are stored out of the computer file system: in a database, local storage or over network, or can even be generated on-the-fly; and the storage must be represented as a local file system.

Callback File System

Using Callback File System you can represent your remotely stored documents and files as real files on a virtual disk which acts as a regular local or network disk.

Until now to create a local virtual disk with your own file system you would have to spend months of work to develop a kernel-mode driver. Callback File System shortens this time to hours.

Our solution is more than a simple data mapper:

  • you have freedom to choose any method to access the remotely stored documents and data
  • you handle and have control over every file and directory operation
  • you decide, what applications or users may or may not read or write, create or delete files and directories
  • the created virtual disk can be hidden from the user or can be exposed to the user via the disk drive letter or even a directory on the existing NTFS drive.
  • the virtual disk can even be shared for access from other computers


Sometimes you need to create just one or several virtual files but they must be present on the real disk somehow. This is what CallbackFilter does.
Using Virtual Files feature of CallbackFilter you can represent your remotely stored documents and files as files and directories within the existing filesystem on the real disk .

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