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boxshotSecureBlackbox components add support of powerful cryptographic algorithms, digital signing and timestamping to data, files, documents, or e-mails being transferred, processed, or stored by your application.

You will benefit from securing your communications and data processing with widely accepted protocols and technologies:SFTP, SSH, FTPS and HTTPS, SSL, S/MIME and PGP/MIME, PKI, XML and OpenPGP, ZIP and EDI.

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boxshotBizCrypto adds secure transport, processing and storage for your data, files and documents processed to business server solutions by Microsoft® (BizTalk® Server, SQL Server®, Sharepoint® Server).

You will benefit from employing widely accepted secure transport protocols such as SFTP, SSH, AS2 and AS3, FTPS and SMTP, standards for encrypting and digitally signing your PDF, XML and other files and documents with PKI certificates and OpenPGP keys. You will be able to send, receive and process encrypted and digitally signed e-mail using S/MIME and create and handle ZIP archives.

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Callback File System®

boxshotCallback File System component lets you represent any structured or raw data as files and directories located on a virtual disk. No matter if your actual data are kept in remote or local files, in database records, in memory, across the Internet or elsewhere, you will be able to represent and treat them as if they were part of one local or network file system.

Real location of the data doesn't matter, and other applications applications won't even be aware that they work with the data which are, in fact, not files at all.

And if you need to limit application access to such virtual disk, Callback File System provides means to use application-based and OS security-based mechanisms for access control.

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Solid File System (SolFS)

boxshotSolid File System (SolFS) is a library that implements high-performance file and document storage which can be placed on Hard Drives, Flash Cards, custom hardware equipment (mobile or not) or other real media devices. SolFS storage can also be located inside files on disks, in database records, application resources, raw memory, Internet servers or inside any other logical objects.

Empovered by modern cryptographic algorithms, Solid File System natively keeps your data highly secured, plus you can always add your own encryption and authentication mechanisms. You will benefit from high storage capacity, multithreaded write/read operations, custom file attributes and tags, and much more.

Moreover, Solid File System allows implementation of controlled read/write access to its files from trusted 3-rd party file-processing applications.

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boxshotCallbackFilter is a component that allows your application to track any file system events on low level and react to them on-the-fly. Besides simple notifications, CallbackFilter lets your application decide how to process an operation request: whether modify input or output data before or after the operation is performed, deny access to the data, substitute or even cancel operation execution.

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boxshotCallbackRegistry library lets you monitor and control Windows Registry access, track key operations and alter the data.

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boxshotCallbackProcess offers functions to monitor and control creation and termination of processes and threads in Windows environment.

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boxshotCallbackDisk offers an easy way to create a virtual local disk backed by the previously created image of the real disk. Also CallbackDisk can be used to create a virtual container for files which are then stored in a single storage block (file on the disk or in remote storage). Creation of the virtual disk with CallbackDisk requires only a dozen of lines of code.

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boxshotMsgConnect implements lower-level information transfer channel for use in various communication environments. Whether you need to control the Windows service or build a multiplatform client-server application, organize a peer-to-peer network or establish grid computation system, MsgConnect will effectively address communication tasks and let you concentrate on business logic of your application.

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boxshotRawDisk lets you bypass security restrictions imposed by Windows XP and Windows Vista, providing direct access to raw disks, opened or secured files. If you are developing a backup, anti-virus or other specialized application that needs to access files and disks, RawDisk will ensure that your activity is not blocked by Windows XP and Vista.

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