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Solutions to monitor file and disk operations for software developers

For disk and file-related operations EldoS offers you several software components and libraries, which let you

  • Provide limited controlled access to files and data represented as files
  • Monitor and control disk and file operations in Windows
  • Get access to raw disk data and inaccessible files
Let us review what solutions better correspond to your tasks:

Provide limited controlled access to files and data

There are two ways to control what applications are permitted to access your data:

  1. you can store data in custom place where files are not part of a file system;
  2. by providing some access filtering mechanism that adds control access to existing file systems.
Our products give you both options.

When you store your files outside a regular file system, you have complete control who and how may access these files.

However, you need a way to make files accessible to the operating system and to applications capable of working only with files of a conventional file system. Callback File System and Solid File System Driver Edition will make your files and data stored anywhere accessible to OS or a third-party application.

With Callback File System you can store files anywhere you like: in a database, over network or even create files on-the-fly. Callback File System will represent them as real files and directories on a virtual disk acting as a regular local or network disk. You handle and have control over every single file and directory operation. You specify applications or users that may or may not read or write, create or delete files.

Solid File System OS Edition (SolFS) offers you a ready to use container for your files and exposes this container to an OS as a local or network disk. Files in the container can be automatically encrypted or compressed by SolFS. With SolFS you specify what applications have access to files in storage. To get more fine-tuned control over individual file access operations, such as reading or writing, consider using CallbackFilter, described below, in combination with SolFS.

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Provide limited controlled access to files and data

If you need controlled access to files on your existing disks and file systems, our CallbackFilter product will notify your application about an attempt of selected or of any application to access a file or directory of your choice. Your application will have possibility to block such operations completely or substitute data of the access operation with its own.

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Get access to raw disk data and inaccessible files

Getting access to raw disk data or files is an operation opposite to access control. Access to data may be restricted by an OS or an application. RawDisk gets around access limitations and gives you direct access to protected disk and file data.

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