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Secure document-oriented storage for documents and data

When your application needs to securely store documents or data files so that they can not be easily read, modified or deleted without your permission, there are many reasons to keep those files in one place and secure this place. EldoS offers several components that let you accomplish this task. This guide will help you choose the right component.

Storage for your application

If you need a container for your documents and data, which will be accessed only by your application running on Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile, Android, MacOS X or iOS system, take Solid File System Application Edition (SolFS). With SolFS you get high-performance file and document storage with built-in compression and encryption support. You will also be able to plug in your own encryption and compression mechanisms or extend the existing ones. You can place the container to a hard drive, flash card or other real media device. SolFS storage can also be located inside files on disks, in database records, application resources, raw memory, Internet servers or inside any other logical objects.

With SolFS you can associate tags (so-called metadata) with each file or directory in your storage and perform SQL-like search within those tags in order to locate and retrieve the data faster.

SolFS storages, created on one platform (for example, Windows), can be accessed on other platforms (for example, MacOS X or Windows Mobile) without limitations.

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System-wide storage for Windows

In some scenarios you need to keep documents and files out of the computer file system, yet make those documents and files available to other applications, such as text processors, presentation managers or the OS itself. On Windows this task is solved by creation of a virtual disk, which exposes content of some container as if it were real hard disk or memory card. SolFS OS Edition combines functionality of SolFS storage system and possibility to make the container accessible for other applications via the virtual disk. The container becomes visible as a regular disk drive letter, and you can control what applications may get access to the storage. SolFS Driver Edition includes all SolFS features, such as encryption, compression and tags (metadata).

If you do not need a custom file system inside your container, CallbackDisk will let you create a container and format it to FAT or NTFS file system. This is a quick way to create a system-accessible container and store it where you like.

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Storage for your custom hardware platform

SolFS can be used not just on regular platforms like Windows or MacOS X, but also on many custom hardware platforms where the OS is hard-written to the chip. SolFS with its built-in encryption and compression (which can be applied to a file or a whole container) is great for various data-recording devices, consumer electronics (cameras, digital photo frames etc.) and even mobile devices (handheld PCs and smartphones). Embedded edition of SolFS includes complete source code of the storage engine and assistance with porting SolFS to your platform.

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Virtual disk based on disk image

It is sometimes necessary to create a virtual disk in order to expose contents of some disk image (ISO files for CD-ROM images are the most common example). This is the kind of task which can be easily accomplished with the help of CallbackDisk that lets you expose content of image files for both reading and writing.

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