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Solid File System

Virtual file system engine that can be embedded into your software.

Solid File System (SolFS) is a file system implementation that can be embedded into your application or mounted as a virtual disk.

SolFS offers software architects and developers a feature-rich storage for application documents and data, and is designed for use with real media (such as Hard Drives or Flash Cards) or logical structures (files on disks, database records, application resources, and raw memory).

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Available packages

Available packages and features

Feature SolFS Lite SolFS Professional
Single-file container for your data yes yes
Whole-storage encryption of the data yes yes
Professional package only options
Per-file encryption of files in container no yes
Per-file compression of files in container no yes
Custom encryption and compression via callbacks no yes
Tags no yes
Custom attributes no yes
Alternate streams no yes
Storage metadata no yes
Custom backend storage for container (via callbacks) no yes
SQL-like search engine no yes
Source-code is available
(as a separate option during license purchase)
no yes
Package is available in Application edition yes yes
Package is available in OS edition yes yes

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