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File system comparison chart

Solid File System (SolFS) is first of all a file system, a method for storing and organization of named blocks of information.

If you are choosing which file system to choose for your next project, please consider the benefits of SolFS:

Feature SolFS™ FAT NTFS ReiserFS
Supported platforms Windows, .NET, Unix, Linux, MacOS X, Android, iOS, Windows CE, custom DOS, Windows, Custom Windows only Unix/Linux, custom
Encryption Per-stream, whole-storage no Per-file Per-file (via plugin)
Encryption algorithm AES 256 + SHA 256 (HMAC)
Custom algorithms supported
no DESX (128-bit), 3DES (168-bit) ?
Data integrity Journalling for both stream and file system integrity
Self-checking and repair operations
Limited data recovery Journalling for file system integrity Journalling for both stream and file system integrity
Resizing support Resizable on-the-fly1 no no no
Storage space optimization Automatic (optional)
Manual defragmentation
External tools only External tools only External tools only
File Compression Per-stream ZLib no Per-stream unknown ?
Feature SolFS™ FAT NTFS ReiserFS
File name length Unlimited 255 chars 255 chars 4K chars
File name character set Unicode Unicode Unicode ?
File name case sensitivity Optional Insensitive Insensitive Sensitive
Maximum stream/file size ((2^32)-1) * (2^15) / 2 bytes, i.e. ~128 Tb 4 Gb 2^64 b, i.e. 16 Eb 8 Tb
Maximum storage size ((2^32)-1) * (2^15) bytes, i.e. ~256 Tb 2 Tb 2^64 b, i.e. 16 Eb 16 Tb
Feature SolFS™ FAT NTFS ReiserFS
Multiple streams per file yes no yes no
Symbolic links yes no ? ?
Stream Metadata yes no Per-file no
Storage metadata yes no no no
Timestamps Creation, Modification, Last Access Modification Creation, Modification, Last Access Modification, Last Access
Feature SolFS™ FAT NTFS ReiserFS
Audit Possible2 no Available no
Access Control Lists Possible2 no Available Available
Licensing Commercial Free on Windows, Commercial on custom Free on Windows GPL?
Support Standard support included, advanced support available third-party third-party Paid, third-party
Source-code availability Available Under special license no Available
Format documentation Available Available Sparse Available
Feature SolFS™ FAT NTFS ReiserFS

1 The storage underlying media is expanded when more data should be written and shrinked when there's too much unused space allocated.
2 Possible means that such functionality can be implemented easily either on top of SolFS or built into SolFS without breaking compatibility with existing code and data.

You can also use WikiPedia comparision of file systems for general information regarding file systems.


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