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Solid File System

Virtual file system engine that can be embedded into your software.

Solid File System (SolFS) is a file system implementation that can be embedded into your application or mounted as a virtual disk.

SolFS offers software architects and developers a feature-rich storage for application documents and data, and is designed for use with real media (such as Hard Drives or Flash Cards) or logical structures (files on disks, database records, application resources, and raw memory).

Detailed information about ordering

Calculate price

  1. Get the price
  2. Buy the license
  3. Get the product and/or the license key
  4. Retrieve the invoice

How to get the price

Use price calculator

Please use the price calculator to calculate the right price for the license options that you choose. Also use this calculator to get the part number for the chosen license and place the order online (the ordering button is shown next to the price).

Check the price list

Base price list is available for your convenience as well. Note that the base price list doens't include every combination of licensing options. For exact price calculation please use the price calculator.

Request formal quotation

Contact us via Feedback form or Web-based Helpdesk system and specify the desired licensing option and company billing info (name and address). It's a good idea to specify the part number, which can be obtained in the price calculator.


New order discounts

EldoS Corporation offers you a discount or rebate on any license for our development products, in exchange to the Use Case text that you create. Read more...

For information about discounts provided to Educational and Non-profit organizations and institutions see Non-profit licensing page.

If you are an individual, a startup or a small company, you can apply for Private Business License, which gives you a significant discount.

Upgrade discounts

If you have a license for a previous version of Solid File System, you are eligible for upgrade discount (or free license depending on when you purchased an existing license). To get the upgrade offer please contact us via Feedback form or Web-based Helpdesk system and specify the information about currently owned license and the desired upgrade path. We will give you all necessary information.

Buy the license

Buy online with a credit card or PayPal

  1. Use the price calculator to choose the options and calculate the price.
  2. Press "Order Now" button shown next to the price to proceed to the ordering form. Note: this form is located on the web server of Avangate order processing service.
  3. Fill the ordering form and proceed with credit card or PayPal payment.
When ordering online you can pay using not just Credit Card and PayPal, but also Bank (Wire) Transfer, Check or Money Order, Alipay (in China).

Request the invoice to pay using Wire Transfer or Check

Contact us via Feedback form or Web-based Helpdesk system and specify:

  • company name and address;
  • the desired licensing option (it's a good idea to specify the part number, which can be obtained in the price calculator);
  • contact name and e-mail if different from yours.

Send a Purchase Order

Purchase orders are accepted from companies and organizations. For detailed information about placing a purchase order please read how to send a purchase order

Use the services of authorized local resellers

To meet local or corporate regulations you can use services of one of our authorized local resellers. Resellers offer alternative methods of payment and territory-specific accounting procedures.

Get the product and the license key

EldoS Corporation uses ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) method for delivery of licenses. This means that the license information is delivered electronically (by e-mail or via HelpDesk) and no physical product is shipped. License information includes a "License Ticket" and instructions for how to use this license ticket to get access to license keys and downloads.

You can request a digitally signed PDF or a signed paper copy of the license agreement.

You get access to the license keys, special downloads for registered users and source code (where applicable) via My Control Center. You will need to create an account on our site (this is done via My Control Center as well) to get access to downloads and license keys.

All orders are processed by hand within 24 hours after the payment or a purchase order has been received by Avangate (if you ordered online) or by us (if you paid with a wire transfer or check or sent a purchase order).

If you have not received the registration e-mail or other message from us within 24 hours (usually this happens because of antispam filters which block e-mail registration letters), please use our Web-based Helpdesk system to request the license.

Retrieve the invoice

If you requested the invoice and paid using wire transfer or check or if you sent a purchase order, we send the invoice ourselves by e-mail (on request we can send a paper copy).

If you order the license online using using Avangate service (default way when you use price calculator), please see this information.
If you order the license online using using share-it! service (the service used for individual order links), please see this information.


As we provide our products for long-term evaluations, all sales are final.



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