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The compound file storage for your application

There exist many ways to store structured data - from XML files to ASN.1 structures. But what if your data blocks are large and XML container becomes very slow to process? What if you have thousands of heterogenous data blocks that you must sort and manage?

Solid File System (SolFS) comes to rescue. With SolFS you can store many data blocks in one compound file container, with optional metadata attached to each file for quicker search. The compound storage can be kept in a file, in database records or in a cloud. Moreover, SolFS can transparently encrypt your data using industry-standard AES256 algorithm.

When you create a Windows, Java or Linux server or desktop application or iOS or Android mobile app, and need a structured compound storage for your data, use SolFS to easily organize, search and optionally encrypt and compress your data in the virtual file system.

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