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Solid File System

Virtual file system engine that can be embedded into your software.

Solid File System (SolFS) is a file system implementation that can be embedded into your application or mounted as a virtual disk.

SolFS offers software architects and developers a feature-rich storage for application documents and data, and is designed for use with real media (such as Hard Drives or Flash Cards) or logical structures (files on disks, database records, application resources, and raw memory).


The package is available for licensing under different licenses:

Read more about the differences between various licenses.

Additionally we offer

  • Middleware License. This special kind of license is needed when you develop some component or library "for sale" (i.e. for licensing to other software developers) and use Solid File System as a part of your component or library.
  • Embedded License is used for embedding Solid File System engine into custom hardware or software platforms. Usually such use requires customization of SolFS source code and additional assistance from our software developers.
If you are interested in getting more details or purchasing Embedded or Middleware license, you are welcome to request information about licensing terms. Be sure to specify your planned use of Solid File System and other details that might be of use in negotiations.


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