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SolFS is available in several editions for various needs

  • Application Edition. You can add this software library to your software application and get SolFS functionality available for this application.
  • OS Edition. With Operating System (OS) Edition you can create a virtual disk that represents SolFS storage and allows other applications (and the OS itself) access the storage as if it were regular hard disk.
  • SolFS is also available as an embeddable filesystem for your custom hardware or software platform.

What edition do I need?

Do you need an advanced file system for custom hardware or software platform?
If yes, then you need Embedded license.

Do you want to let third-party applications access data on SolFS virtual devices?
If yes, then you need OS Edition.

Do you need flexible and secure information storage for your application only?
If yes, then you need Application Edition.

Still not sure?
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