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Single - File Virtual File System for Delphi and C++Builder

Solid File System (SolFS) is an implementation of file system in a single storage (physical file, database record or just memory block). It operates much like "real" file systems do, i.e. it operates with pages and keeps hierarchical directories structure inside. Page mode allows SolFS quickly and efficiently manage (create/write/delete) files and folders. At the same time SolFS is not resource-hungry - it allocates physical disk space only when it is needed and can automatically reduce file size when the space is not needed anymore.

Solid File System can be statically linked to your Delphi or C++Builder application so you don't need to carry external DLLs with your program.

If you are choosing which single-file virtual file system to choose, please see the table below:

Feature Solid File System (SolFS™) AidAim Single File System
Supported platforms Windows, .NET, Unix, Windows Mobile, MacOS X Windows (VCL only)
File and Storage Encryption AES 256 + SHA 256
User-defined algorithms supported
AES 128
Data integrity Journalling support
CheckAndRepair operation which recovers all available data
Limited data recovery
Physical media File system
any storage (memory, DB, resource) using callback mode
File system
Storage space defragmentation and size optimization Automatic (optional)
Manual defragmentation
Limited reduction of storage space (no optimizaton or defragmentation)
File Compression ZLib ZLib, BZIP, PPM
Thread safety Multiple streams in single storage can be accessed from differnet threads no
Multiple streams per file yes no
Symbolic links yes no
Fixed-sized storages yes no
Storage metadata yes no
Source-code availability ANSI C source code for all platforms is available as a separate license VCL-only Pascal source code is available at a special price

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