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Solid File System

Virtual file system engine that can be embedded into your software.

Solid File System (SolFS) is a file system implementation that can be embedded into your application or mounted as a virtual disk.

SolFS offers software architects and developers a feature-rich storage for application documents and data, and is designed for use with real media (such as Hard Drives or Flash Cards) or logical structures (files on disks, database records, application resources, and raw memory).

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Solid File System™ (SolFS) applications

Deal with multiple files

SolFS - container for multiple files in one file

Current applications tend to minimize the number of files used because file systems with large cluster size make this impractical and hard to manage. SolFS solves this problem by supporting page sizes starting from 512 bytes. Keeping all data in one file lowers fragmentation on physical drive and speeds up file operation.

And the single file can be easily copied/moved, deleted, etc. thus simplifying maintenance (including data recovery).

SolFS appears to be especially useful for game developers. Modern games include myriads of files, which must be accessed with the fastest possible speed. And SolFS lets you pack all game files, compressed, into one file.

Make data integrity real

SolFS - virtual file system with integrity check

SolFS has optional journalling support. When the data are written, information about the operation is written to special log file. If file write operation is interrupted, SolFS will restore integrity of the storage file automatically (if journalling was enabled when storage was opened).

Users can be a danger to internal data of the application. One might accidentially delete the necessary file and this will lead to necessity to re-install the whole application (or its part). To avoid such situation it makes sense to hide internal structure of the data from user. Then the user has less chance to delete the necessary data.

Increase data access speed

SolFS virtual filesystem for increased file operation speed

If your application uses many files (with data, code or some multimedia), it performs many requests to underlying file system. All such requests take time due to specifics of file system driver implementation. Use of SolFS reduces time needed to access the data because SolFS engine works in user mode and much fewer calls to file system driver are involved.

Create compound documents

SolFS - an alternative for compound files

It is possible, that the document format of your application consists of several independent parts or requires some embedded data. Examples are music files (which include actual music, song lyrics and information about song), or text document with embedded images. Effective structure of SolFS lets you keep all such data in one file so the user can copy the document as one file. MS Office uses structured storage to keep different information of a document. However, Windows implementation of structured storage is not efficient and not portable to other platforms.

And you can even keep revisions of the document inside. For example, your application might need to keep track of last 3 revisions of the document. With usual approach adding revisions would require from you changing the document format. With SolFS you just save another file into storage.

Provide unbreakable data security

SolFS - encrypted storage for files of your application

Most data formats of modern applications (like MS Office etc) don't provide enough security for their creators. Passwords, used by such data formats can be found out easily using special tools. If you need real security and don't want to deal with encryption yourself, you can make use of per-stream and whole-storage encryption built into SolFS (registered version only).

SolFS utilizes AES algorithm with 256 bit key created from user-provided password using SHA-256 algorithm (HMAC mode). Algorithms used in SolFS make encrypted information impossible to be retrieved without knowing the password. Even dictionary attacks are nearly impossible.

If you use SolFS in callback mode (ie. it's your application that reads and writes storage data to disk), you can apply your own encryption scheme, thus gaining complete control over security of your data.


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