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Comparison of Free and Professional versions of SFTP Net Drive

Feature Free Professional
Each SFTP drive can have own name no yes
Concurrent connections to different profiles/servers no yes
Several profiles can be set up for each server no yes
Used bandwidth is displayed no yes
Authentication using SSH keys stored on smartcards and cryptotokens no yes
Disks can be mounted and unmounted from command line no yes
Profiles can be managed from command line no yes
Possibility to disable compression and configure compression level no yes
Type of the disk (removable, fixed, network) can be set no yes
Disk can be created for current user only (useful on terminal servers) no yes
Individual support provided by EldoS specialists in HelpDesk no yes
Install and use on Up to 10 computers in a company According to the purchased license
License fee no yes
Act now Download and use for free Purchase a license

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