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Data packet created by SecureBlackbox/BizCrypto can't be processed by third-party software. This is your bug.

We design our our software compliant with standards, not with particular implementations. While your issue can be our bug, this is unlikely: SecureBlackbox (also used as a backend for BizCrypto) is a mature component set and defects, related to compatibility with standards, have been fixed long time ago. If other software is not standard-compliant enough or buggy, that's not our bug and you should first of all contact vendors of that software. We do make certain adjustments in our code to make it *optionally* compatible with some other software title, but we will never break standard compliance in favor of third-party bugs.

Consequently before complaining about a "bug" please check standards and contact the vendor of the software that reads the data packet, for assistance in diagnostics of the problem. They can tell you better, what their software doesn't like or doesn't understand in the data they process. Consequently even if there's a deviation from the standard in the data SecureBlackbox creates, such deviation can be tracked from the recipient side easier and cooperation with that other side is required.

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