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Atomizing outbound SFTP transfers with safe uploads

In some configurations there is a requirement to hide the fact that the file is being uploaded from the server-side software, only revealing it after the entire file has been uploaded. This might be the case if the uploaded files are automatically collected by a third-party server-side software for further processing. If upload takes more than a few seconds – either due to the size of the uploaded file or to the quality of the channel – there is a risk of a third-party software collecting an incomplete file. Safe upload feature addresses this case, allowing to upload files to a different server-side location or with a different name, and move them to the appropriate destination after the upload completes.

Setting up safe uploads is a pretty straightforward task which is performed by adjusting two properties, Safe Upload Path and Safe Upload File Name. Safe Upload Path sets the remote directory where the files should be uploaded before they are moved to the destination directory. Safe Upload File Name is an optional property, which allows the user to additionally specify the names to assign to the files while they are being uploaded. %Macro%'s are welcome in both properties.

Example 1. Assume that the SFTP component is configured in the following way:

Remote File Path = /home/

Remote File Name = %MessageID%.xml

Safe Upload Path = /home/upload_temp/

Under the above configuration, the files will first be uploaded to the /home/upload_temp/ location (with the full name of, say, /home/upload_temp/{1E291AD7-1FEC-438B-ACB2-92461AF16859}.xml). Once the upload is complete, the files are moved to the /home/ directory.

Example 2. Let's extend the above configuration by assigning %MessageID%.tmp to the Safe Upload File Name property:

Safe Upload File Name = %MessageID%.tmp.

Now all the files will be uploaded to the same location, though assigned with a different name ({1E291AD7-1FEC-438B-ACB2-92461AF16859}.tmp in the above case). Once the upload is complete, the files are renamed to match the name specified in the Remote File Name property (e.g. to {1E291AD7-1FEC-438B-ACB2-92461AF16859}.xml) and moved to the /home/ directory.

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