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Is SecureBlackbox FIPS-certified?

SecureBlackbox itself is not certified. However, on Windows it can work in so-called FIPS mode, when only FIPS-certified cryptographic modules of Windows are used. FIPS mode is enabled by assigning SBCryptoProvManager.FIPSCompliantCryptoProviderManager object to the CryptoProviderManager property of the high-level component. FIPS mode is supported for PKI, SSH, SFTP, PDF, XML, Office document security. FIPS mode is NOT supported for OpenPGP, SSL/TLS, HTTPS and FTPS because of very limited set of algorithms, offered by Windows certified cryptographic modules.

Next step is to verify if the host system does have certified versions of the mentioned cryptographic modules. This is done as described in this article. SecureBlackbox doesn't perform such checks.

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