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How to extract a key from “KeyInfo” element?

To extract a key from “KeyInfo” element you need to use the following code (C# notation):

for (int i = 0; i < ElXMLVerifier.Signature.KeyInfo.Count; i++)
  if (ElXMLVerifier.Signature.KeyInfo[i] is TElXMLKeyInfoX509Data)
    TElXMLKeyInfoX509Data x509Data = (TElXMLKeyInfoX509Data) ElXMLVerifier.Signature.KeyInfo[i];
    // check x509Data.Certificate and CertStorage properties for raw certificate data and other properties like IssuerRDNs, SerialNumbers… that reference a certificate

if (ElXMLVerifier.Signature.KeyInfo[i] is TElXMLKeyInfoRSAData)

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