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What are the differences between various license types for BizCrypto?

BizCrypto is available under several license types for various needs:
  1. Internal Server
  2. Web Server
  3. Ultimate

Internal Server license covers the use of BizCrypto in your internal company business processes. The automated business process must not offer BizCrypto to third-party users, that access the server via Internet protocol on a paid basis.

Web Server license is required for use of BizCrypto components in Public Paid Web Services, i.e. web services and web applications which offer the products' core functionality to third-party users on paid basis. Web Server license can be used on any number of systems in one company/organization. Web Server license includes an Internal Server license as well.

Ultimate license can be used by any number of developers and on any number of systems in one company/organization, as well as subsidiary companies/organizations and subcontractors worldwide. Also Ultimate license includes a free Web Server and Internal Server licenses. Ultimate license offers priority support and lifetime free upgrades to new versions of BizCrypto.

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