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When you purchase a license SecureBlackbox Standard or Professional, you get a free license for SolFS Application Edition (Lite package).

SolFS lets you store the data as files with associated metadata on the disk or in memory in single container and offers common API to access stored files. Container can be persisted on the disk or even kept remotely (across the network). It can be encrypted and compressed transparently to provide industry-grade security and reduce size.

You can use the free license both independently to store your application data or for any other pupose, allowed by the license, or together with SecureBlackbox. SecureBlackbox and SolFS Application Edition can be used together to get virtualized file access, which can be useful when you have a constant data flow or when you need to separate data going to/from different clients.

SecureBlackbox includes filesystem adapter for SolFS out of the box. This adapter can be plugged to WebDAV, SFTP or FTPS server to provide automatic per-user storage for remote clients. And you can use SolFS in other ways by calling its APIs directly.

Free license for SolFS Application Edition (Lite package) is included with new purchase of license for SecureBlackbox Professional or Standard package.

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