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Components for Secure File Transfer - SecureBlackbox®

SFTPBlackbox - managed .NET components for SFTP file transfer If you are a software developer, who needs to securely upload and download files across network, the best choice is to use SFTP protocol with help of SFTPBlackbox.

SFTPBlackbox is a collection of original components for SSH and SFTP support in your Windows, .NET, Linux, smartphone and mobile applications. Contrary to other implementations, SFTPBlackbox is not a single component, but a collection of components which can be used separately or together to get all features, supported by SSH and SFTP protocols.

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol, often called Secure File Transfer Protocol) is a specialized protocol for secure file transfer over SSH channel. SFTP is integral part of SSH 2 family of protocols and is supported by SSH servers. SFTP doesn't have anything in common with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) defined by RFC 959. SFTP is supported by most SSH servers on Windows and Linux/Unix systems, such as OpenSSH, F-Secure SSH Server, Tectia SSH server etc.

SFTP lets you download and upload files, create and delete files and directories, check directory structure and more. SFTPBlackbox is the only SFTP component to provide support for low-level functions such as open file, read/write file block etc.

Main features

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  • support for SSH and SFTP (secure file transfer) protocols;
  • synchronous and asynchronous operation modes;
  • no dependencies on third-party libraries;
  • support for built-in and custom sockets for flexible connection management;
  • support for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI, X.509 certificates, certificate requests and CRLs) including use of X.509 certificates in SSH;
  • royalty-free license;
  • unlike free open source code, SecureBlackbox comes with free individual technical support

SFTPBlackbox can be used separately or in one cost-saving SecureBlackbox package.

Download SecureBlackbox, which includes SFTPBlackbox package

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You can use SecureBlackbox with any .NET development tool that supports .NET Framework 2.0 to 4.5, .NET CF, Silverlight, Mono, Xamarin.iOS or Xamarin.Android, Java and Android platforms, or with Delphi / C++Builder / FreePascal.


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