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Server-side PHP class library for sending MIME and S/MIME mail over SMTP - SecureBlackbox®

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Download SecureBlackbox (PHP edition) including SSLBlackbox and MIMEBlackbox

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SecureBlackbox includes functions for enabling your visitors compose and send email messages via SMTP protocol. MIMEBlackbox takes care of composing MIME and S/MIME (encrypted or signed MIME) messages. The mail can be sent by using SMTP protocol with optional SSL/TLS support.

SMTP functions included with SecureBlackbox supporting secure communications via SSL/TLS channel in explicit and implicit mode.

Licensing and use

The mail class is available in both Professional and Standard editions of SecureBlackbox.

  • SecureBlackbox Professional
  • SecureBlackbox Standard

The PHP edition of SecureBlackbox can be used with PHP Web servers to implement SMTP and MIME functionality in Web applications.

Download SecureBlackbox (PHP edition) including SSLBlackbox and MIMEBlackbox

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