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Server-side PHP class library for Secure File Transfer (SFTP and FTPS protocols)

Add secure file transfer support via SFTP and FTPS protocols to your Web applications and services. SecureBlackbox (PHP edition) offers support for both popular secure file transfer options including FTP over SSL (FTPS, RFC 959 and RFC 2228) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP, part of the SSH protocol family).

Which class library to use in your Web application? SFTPBlackbox implements SFTP support, while FTPSBlackbox implements support for FTP and FTPS protocols.

Building a server-based application or a Web service and have a need for secure file transfers? SecureBlackbox (PHP edition) will help you build FTPS or SFTP gateways or clients accessible by your customers through PHP Web pages. You can even create a file transfer server using stand-alone PHP.

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Download SecureBlackbox (PHP edition) including FTPSBlackbox and SFTPBlackbox


The PHP edition of SecureBlackbox is designed to be used with your PHP Web server on Linux or Windows, implementing support for secure file transfers.

Download SecureBlackbox (PHP) including FTPSBlackbox and SFTPBlackbox

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