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Implement Public Key Infrastructure in PHP Web servers with PKI class library - SecureBlackbox®

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Implement the complete public key infrastructure in your Web services and Web applications with a set of PKI functions for PHP. With PHP PKI class library, you'll be able to utilize industry-standard public key cryptography for encrypting and signing sensitive information and providing secure authentication of Web servers, individuals and organizations. X.509 certificates (sometimes called SSL certificates) are used to certify authenticity of the persons, Web sites or applications presenting the certificate. The certificates can be used for signing and encrypting information such as files, messages and attachments.

PKIBlackbox (PHP edition, part of SecureBlackbox) includes a collection of server-side PHP functions for implementing PKI support.

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Main features

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  • Server-side PHP functions are perfect for building Web applications and services
  • Certificate-based PKCS#7, CMS and CAdES data encryption and signing
  • Standard-compliant implementation ensures full compatibility with third-party applications and libraries
  • Contains no third-party dependencies
  • Supports X.509 certificates in multiple formats, Certificate Signing Requests, Certificate Revocation Lists, and certificate storages
  • Includes client-side and server-side OCSP (RFC 2560) and TSP (RFC 3161) classes
  • Royalty-free licensing
  • Includes support for PHP Web servers
  • Sample code available
  • SecureBlackbox is offered with free developer-level technical support

Download SecureBlackbox (PHP) including PKIBlackbox

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