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PHP server class library for MIME, S/MIME and OpenPGP/MIME - SecureBlackbox®

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MIMEBlackbox includes a set of PHP functions for parsing and assembling MIME-compliant email messages.

The PHP edition of MIMEBlackbox makes building Web-based email services easier by offering a ready-made class library for handling email messages. MIMEBlackbox code is completely stand-alone without any third-party dependencies. Note that MIMEBlackbox does not rely upon mail management mechanisms of your Web server.

Looking for a way to secure your messages? SecureBlackbox will secure your communications by implementing industry-standard encryption. SecureBlackbox is not affected ans was never affected by the HeartBleed but. It does not use CryptoAPI, OpenSSL or other third-party encryption libraries.

Implement MIME mail handling faster! MIMEBlackbox takes care of the routine implementation of low-level MIME mechanics, allowing you spend your time and effort on what really matters. Our implementation of MIME strictly adheres to the complex standard, so rest assured SecureBlackbox will be able to parse all MIME-compliant messages without a hiss. MIME messages produced by MIMEBlackbox can be also parsed by any other tool or service that complies with the MIME standard.

SecureBlackbox supports OpenPGP/MIME and S/MIME (Secure MIME) versions 2 and 3. If you want your users to be able to digitally sign or encrypt messages, your application must support secure encryption and signing. If you want others to be able to read and verify those messages, your security system must adhere to public security standards. MIMEBlackbox implements standard-compliand S/MIME security to ensure that messages sent and received by your email service fully adhere to the latest standard. Considering supporting the OpenPHP/MIME standard? MIMEBlackbox combined with OpenPGPBlackbox will let you process and compose OpenPGP/MIME messages with no extra effort.

Our code is examplary architected and implemented. The sources are well-documented and easy to learn and to use thanks to plenty of sample code. With SecureBlackbox, add MIME, OpenPGP/MIME and S/MIME support to your PHP Web server in a matter of minutes.

Download SecureBlackbox (PHP) including MIMEBlackbox

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