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Secure Your Cloud-Enabled Services with CloudBlackbox for PHP

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Are you building a service using a public cloud storage? The many performance, security and privacy considerations don't make the task easy - unless you use CloudBlackbox. CloudBlackbox implements secure client-side data encryption to ensure the data is securely protected from prying eyes - even if it's physically out of your control.

CloudBlackbox offers API to support all major cloud storage providers including Dropbox, Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Box.com, Google Docs, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive in PHP scripts. The toolkit offers transparent on-the-fly encryption and compression of data performed on the client side.

CloudBlackbox (PHP edition, part of SecureBlackbox) is a collection of classes to help developers secure information stored in public cloud services such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Box.com, Google Docs, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive . The toolkit is available for PHP web pages and stnadalone scripts.

CloudBlackbox is used on Web servers, providing APIs that can be invoked from PHP pages.

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Download SecureBlackbox (PHP edition) including CloudBlackbox

Why choose CloudBlackbox

  • CloudBlackbox offers a server-side PHP class library with uniform API for all major public cloud platforms
  • Supports Dropbox, Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Box.com, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive cloud services
  • Securely protects information stored with third-party cloud services
  • Transparent on-the-fly encryption of user information and application data protects encrypted content from prying eyes
  • Transparent data compression increases transfer speeds while reducing bandwidth requirements and lowering data storage costs
  • Metadata can be stored alongside with files
  • PHP sample code
  • Royalty-free licensing
  • High-quality developer-level support is available from the beginning of your evaluation period
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Download SecureBlackbox PHP including CloudBlackbox

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