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Add WebDAV client and server functions to your .NET application

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WebDAVBlackbox includes client-side and server-side components, which implement WebDAV protocol for management of remote files and directories on WebDAV-compatible servers (usually web servers). Also WebDAVBlackbox supports CardDAV extension.

WebDAVS is a secure version of WebDAV protocol, running on top of SSL/TLS protocols. SSL offers flexible authentication and encryption schemes for internet communications.

WebDAVBlackbox (.NET edition, part of SecureBlackbox software product) is a collection of managed components for SSL/TLS, HTTP/HTTPS and WebDAV support in your C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, ASP.NET applications.

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Download SecureBlackbox (.NET edition), which includes WebDAVBlackbox package

Why choose WebDAVBlackbox

  • You can build your own WebDAV server or connect to existing WebDAV server;
  • WebDAVBlackbox is fully compliant to WebDV specification (RFC 4918);
  • WebDAVBlackbox supports full scope of operations defined by the standard;
  • You can use GZip compression to speed-up download and reduce network traffic;
  • Client-side WebDAV components support various types of proxies (with optional) authentication, International Domain Names, IPv6 and other advanced connectivity features;
  • Server-side WebDAV components let you store resources on the disk, in the database or in any other custom storage, including SolFS virtual file system;
  • Unlike CryptoAPI-based implementations, WebDAVBlackbox offers support for the latest versions and features of SSL / TLS protocols such as AES and Camellia Cipher Suites, TLS extensions and more;
  • The components are suitable for use in Web Applications (ASP.NET) and can be integrated with IIS easily (sample project included);
  • You can use the components with Xamarin for Android and iOS;
  • Free individual or public support is available from the very beginning of your evaluation and development
Check the complete list of features.

Download SecureBlackbox.NET, which includes WebDAVBlackbox package

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