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PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is a set of technologies, that utilize asymmetric cryptography for signing and encryption of sensitive data, and for authentication of various entities, such as web servers, individuals and organizations. One of the most important parts of PKI are X.509 certificates (also incorrectly called SSL certificates) which "certify" authenticity of the person or software, which presents the certificate. The certificates are also used for signing and encryption of data.

PKIBlackbox (.NET edition, part of SecureBlackbox software product) is a collection of managed components for PKI support in your C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, ASP.NET applications.

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Download SecureBlackbox (.NET edition), which includes PKIBlackbox package

Main features

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  • the components are suitable for use in Web Applications (ASP.NET);
  • PKCS#7, CMS and CAdES data encryption and signing using certificates;
  • compatibility with all popular applications and libraries which are currently available on the market;
  • no dependencies on third-party libraries (besides standard .NET Framework);
  • support for X.509 certificates in various formats, Certificate Signing Requests (CSR), Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL), software and hardware-based certificate storages;
  • OCSP (RFC 2560) client and server components;
  • TSP (RFC 3161) client and server components;
  • royalty-free license;
  • usable on Windows, Linux and macOS desktops and servers, in Silverlight applications, on Windows Phone, Android (with Xamarin.Android) and iOS (with Xamarin.iOS);
  • sample code for C# and Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET);
  • unlike free open source code, SecureBlackbox comes with free individual technical support

Download SecureBlackbox.NET, which includes PKIBlackbox package

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