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MIMEBlackbox lets you parse and assemble (compose) MIME-compliant e-mail messages.

With MIMEBlackbox.NET you can easily manage all aspects of e-mail message handling. MIMEBlackbox.NET is managed code without dependency from third-party libraries (besides standard .NET Framework). Note, that .NET Framework classes for mail management are not used either.

SecureBlackbox does not use CryptoAPI, OpenSSL or other third-party encryption library.

MIME standards are quite complicated. If you want to handle correctly MIME messages and be sure that others will be able to do this too, you should use a standard-compliant class library for MIME management, such as MIMEBlackbox.

Another thing to consider is S/MIME (S/MIME versions 2 and 3 are supported) and OpenPGP/MIME support. Do you give your users possibility to sign or encrypt mail messages? Do you want your application to handle signed and encrypted mail? If yes, then you definitely need MIMEBlackbox to handle S/MIME messages correctly. MIMEBlackbox and OpenPGPBlackbox will let you process and compose OpenPGP/MIME messages.

.NET Framework was designed to minimize development time. This means that the components must also be easy to learn and to use. With SecureBlackbox you can add MIME, OpenPGP/MIME and S/MIME support to your .NET application with a couple of clicks.

You can use components with Xamarin to develop iOS and Android apps.

Download SecureBlackbox.NET, which includes MIMEBlackbox package

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