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Do you need to store application or user's data in the cloud, but worry about privacy? Use client-side encryption of data offered by CloudBlackbox. This ensures that the cloud provider can't see your data.

The uniform API of CloudBlackbox lets you keep the data in all major cloud storages (Dropbox, Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Box.com, Google Drive and OneDrive) with on-the-fly encryption and compression of data, performed on the client side. And with help of SolFS product you can even build a real filesystem in the cloud.

CloudBlackbox (.NET edition, part of SecureBlackbox software product) is a collection of managed components to securely store application and user's data in the clouds in your C#, VB.NET, C++.NET, ASP.NET applications.

CloudBlackbox can be used with on .NET Framework, Windows RT and Windows Phone, with .NET CF, in Silverlight, with Xamarin.Android on Android devices and with Xamrin.iOS on iOS devices.

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Download SecureBlackbox (.NET edition), which includes CloudBlackbox package

Why choose CloudBlackbox

  • CloudBlackbox offers managed .NET components with uniform API for various cloud platforms;
  • transparent on-the-fly encryption of the uploaded data ensures non-breakable security of your information;
  • data compression reduces network load and cost of storing the data on the cloud storage and also increases transfer speed;
  • You can store metadata with your files;
  • When necessary, full-featured filesystem in the cloud can be built with CloudBlackbox and SolFS;
  • Royalty-free licensing;
  • Free individual or public support is available from the very beginning of your evaluation and development
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Download SecureBlackbox .NET, which includes CloudBlackbox package

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