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ZIP Encryption and Compression Library for C and C++ applications

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Quickly implement ZIP compression with optional strong (AES-256) encryption in your applications with ZIP encryption/compression library for C++. Create and manage BZIP and GZIP archives using the same API.

ZIPBlackbox enables developers to build applications supporting the entire range of ZIP operations including the ability to compress files and folders into ZIP archives, list the content and decompress ZIP files, encrypt, decrypt and verify ZIP archives. The ZIP encryption library includes C++ classes implementing AES-256 encryption and decryption as well as validation of signed ZIP archives.

Download ZIP Encryption/Compression Library

The ZIPBlackbox package is an integral part of SecureBlackbox. Download SecureBlackbox (C++ edition) to quickly implement ZIP compression with optional encryption and signing in your C++ applications.

Create and Decompress ZIP Archives in C++

ZIPBlackbox includes ZIP compression classes allowing C++ developers to build applications supporting the entire range of ZIP operations supported by the most feature-rich ZIP archivers. Pack files and folders into ZIP archives, open and decompress ZIP files created in other applications with ZIP compression classes.

Encrypt ZIP Archives

ZIPBlackbox comes with ZIP encryption classes allowing developers to quickly secure information stored in ZIP archives. The ZIP encryption library employs the AES-256 algorithm to encrypt files. Additionally ZIPBlackbox can decrypt and validate signatures of ZIP archives, encrypted or signed using X.509 certificates.

Why Choose ZIPBlackbox over Competing ZIP Compression/Encryption Libraries

  • Create plain and encrypted ZIP archives compatible with all other ZIP tools;
  • Add ZIP compression to your applications or build fully-featured ZIP archivers in minutes;
  • Compress and decompress data in volatile memory or on the disk;
  • Create and manage huge ZIP archives over 4 GB;
  • Optional encryption with AES-256;
  • Certificate-based decryption and validation;
  • Royalty-free license;
  • Extensive knowledge databases and individual support options are available to help you with the development of your project since the moment you download the free evaluation version.

Download SecureBlackbox (C++ edition), an all-in-one security toolbox that includes ZIP compression/decompression with optional encryption and signing.

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