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PKI Library Implementing Public Key Infrastructure in C++

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Build applications supporting the complete Public Key Infrastructure with a C++ PKI library.

PKIBlackbox allows developers complement applications employing asymmetric cryptography with the complete functionality of a Public Key Infrastructure. PKI classes included with PKIBlackbox provide the ability to create, revoke, certify and manage public and private keys used to encrypt, decrypt, sign and validate information. The PKI library employs certificate-based security and supports X.509 certificates allowing to certify authenticity of persons, organizations, documents and executable files.

Download PKI Library for C++

The PKIBlackbox package is an integral part of SecureBlackbox. Download SecureBlackbox (C++ edition) to quickly implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in your C++ applications.

Why Choose PKIBlackbox over Competing PKI C++ Libraries

  • Strict compliance to all relevant standards, specifications and RFC ensures compatibility with other applications and crypto libraries;
  • Certificate-based security is worthless without certificate management. PKI classes allow implementing the complete Public Key Infrastructure (PKI, X.509 certificates, Certificate Signing Requests, Certificate Revocation Lists, certificate storages);
  • Sign and encrypt data with PKCS#7, CMS, CAdES standards;
  • OCSP (RFC 2560) client and server components;
  • TSP (RFC 3161) client and server components;
  • No third-party dependencies and no CryptoAPI calls;
  • Royalty-free license;
  • Includes C++ sample code;
  • Extensive knowledge databases and individual support options are available to help you with the development of your project since the moment you download the free evaluation version.
Complete list of features.

Download SecureBlackbox (C++ edition), an all-in-one security toolbox that includes PKI classes implementing Public Key Infrastructure, X.509 certificate management, decryption, signing and validation.

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