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PDF security (sign, encrypt, decrypt, verify, timestamp) library for C / C++

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Implement PDF security in minutes with PDF security classes.

PDFBlackbox enables C++ developers to quickly implement the ability to encrypt, decrypt, timestamp, sign, and verify PDF documents while maintaining a 100% compatibility with the PDF specification. PDF files encrypted or signed with PDFBlackbox will successfully open in third-party PDF applications including Adobe (R) Acrobat Reader.

Download PDF Encryption Classes for C++

The PDFBlackbox package is an integral part of SecureBlackbox. Download SecureBlackbox (C++ edition) to quickly implement PDF encryption in your C++ applications.

Compatible with Adobe PDF Specification

Using an encryption library to protect a PDF file is not a big deal. Ensuring that the protected PDF will open in other applications requires a strict conformance to the PSD specification. PDF encryption classes included with PDFBlackbox are created to be fully compatible with the original PDF specification, ensuring that any PDF document you sign, timestamp or encrypt can be opened in third-party applications as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Of course, encrypted PDF files will only open correctly if the user knows the original plain-text password or has access to the corresponding certificate.

Protect PDF Documents with PDF Encryption Library

Implements strong PDF encryption in minutes with a set of PDF encryption classes. The PDF encryption library allows encrypting and decrypting PDF files while maintaining full compatibility with the original PDF specifications, keeping the encrypted PDF documents accessible to PDF readers.

Enhanced PDF Security: C++ Classes to Timestamp, Sign and Verify PDF Files

PDFBlackbox employs certificate-based PDF security to produce and verify digital signatures, protecting PDF documents from unauthorized alterations. The TSP Timstamping Protocol (RFC 3161) is used to optionally timestamp PDF documents at the time of placing a signature. PDF files can be signed using long-term signatures with timestamping (PAdES standard).

Why Choose PDFBlackbox over Competing PDF Encryption Libraries

  • Strong security with 100% compatibility;
  • Fully compliant to Adobe PDF specifications;
  • PDF files signed or encrypted with PDF encryption classes can be successfully opened in Adobe and third-party PDF applications including Adobe (R) Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader;
  • Implements PDF security: use any tool to produce PDF documents, sign and encrypt with PDF encryption library;
  • Certify the time of placing a signature by timestamping PDF files (optionally with PAdES standard);
  • Complete cryptographic support for PDF documents including advanced validation of certificates and timestamps, certificate revocation lists (CRLs) management and online validation protocol (OCSP) support;
  • Certificate-based PDF security is worthless without proper certificate management. PDFBlackbox implements the complete certificate management infrastructure, including the ability to create, store, manage and revoke X.509 certificates, supporting certificate storages and CRLs;
  • Extensive knowledge databases and individual support options are available to help you with the development of your project since the moment you download the free evaluation version.
Complete list of features.

Download SecureBlackbox (C++ edition), an all-in-one security toolbox that includes PDF encryption, decryption, timestamping, signing and validation classes for C++.

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