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MIME, S/MIME and OpenPGP/MIME C++ Libraries

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Add e-mail handling to your C++ applications in a matter of minutes.

With C++ MIME classes included in MIMEBlackbox, your applications will be able to compose and parse e-mail messages encoded with MIME, S/MIME and OpenPGP/MIME. The MIME, S/MIME and OpenPGP/MIME classes are pure native code with no third-party libraries or dependencies. S/MIME classes do not use Windows CtyproAPI calls.

Download MIME, S/MIME and OpenPGP/MIME Libraries for C++

The MIMEBlackbox package is an integral part of SecureBlackbox. Download SecureBlackbox (C++ edition) to implement MIME, S/MIME and OpenPGP/MIME protocols in your C++ applications.

MIME Standard Compliance

MIMEBlackbox is designed to implement a 100% compatibility with the strict and divers MIME standards. By using a fully standard-compliant MIME library, you are ensuring a 100% compatibility between your applications and other MIME-compliant email clients.

Plain and Secure MIME

Both plain and secure versions of MIME classes are supplied with MIMEBlackbox, enabling developers to compose and parse unsecured (MIME) and secure (S/MIME 2 and 3, OpenPGP/MIME) messages. The secure version of MIME classes enables developers to encrypt, sign, decrypt and validate e-mail messages.
Note: in order to process and compose OpenPGP/MIME messages, both MIMEBlackbox and OpenPGPBlackbox are required.

No CryptoAPI Calls and No Third-Party Dependencies

The S/MIME library does not depend on Windows CryptoAPI, OpenSSL or any third-party encryption libraries.

Download SecureBlackbox (C++ edition), an all-in-one security toolbox that includes MIME, S/MIME and OpenPGP/MIME C++ classes.

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