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Download and try PKI components for Java (Java PKI) - SecureBlackbox®

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PKIBlackbox (an integral part of SecureBlackbox) allows developers quickly implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in their Java applications.

The PKI infrastructure allows creating, revoking, certifying and managing public and private keys used in asymmetric cryptography. The PKI Java library supports X.509 certificates. X.509 certificates are one of the most important parts of PKI infrastructure, allowing to certify authenticity of a person, file or software signed with a given certificate.

Download PKI Java Library

The PKIBlackbox package is an integral part of SecureBlackbox. Download SecureBlackbox (Java edition) to quickly implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in your Java and Android applications.

Implement PKI Infrastructure in Java and Android Applications

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is a set of technologies utilizing asymmetric cryptography for signing and encrypting information. X.509 certificates (sometimes referred to as "SSL certificates") are used for validating authenticity of Web servers and organizations. Personal X.509 certificates authenticate individuals. X.509 certificates are also used for signing and encrypting files.
PKIBlackbox implements certificate-based public key encryption, allowing you to create, revoke, authenticate and manage X.509 certificates. PKSC#7 operations allow signing and encrypting files using these certificates. Strict compliance with industry standards allows certificates produced by PKIBlackbox to be used by applications powered by PKIBlackbox as well as third-party tools using other PKI implementations.

Sign and Validate Files Securely in Java and Android Apps

PKIBlackbox employs certificate-based security based on PKI and X.509 standards to produce and validate cryptographically secure signatures. Signed documents are protected against unauthorized alterations and modifications.

Why Choose PKIBlackbox over Competing PKI Java Libraries

  • You can use cryptographic primitives of SecureBlackbox via Java Cryptography Extensions (JCE);
  • Strict compliance to all relevant standards, specifications and RFC ensures compatibility with other applications and crypto libraries;
  • Certificate-based security is worthless without certificate management. PKIBlackbox supports the complete Public Key Infrastructure (PKI, X.509 certificates, Certificate Signing Requests, Certificate Revocation Lists, certificate storages);
  • PKCS#7, CMS, CAdES operations supported (signing and encryption of data using certificates);
  • OCSP (RFC 2560) client and server components;
  • TSP (RFC 3161) client and server components;
  • No dependencies or third-party libraries used;
  • This PKI Java library can be used for building Web and mobile applications;
  • Royalty-free license;
  • Java sample code available;
  • Unlike free open-source PKI Java libraries, PKIBlackbox comes with free individual or public support

Download SecureBlackbox for Java, an all-in-one security toolbox that includes PKI infrastructure, X.509 certificate management, decryption, signing and validation Java libraries.

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