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SFTP MacOS and iOS Library for Secure FTP File Transfers

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Looking for secure FTP transfer from your device to the server and back? SFTPBlackbox (an integral part of SecureBlackbox) lets you quickly implement SSH and SFTP protocols in your MacOS an iOS applications.

Offered functionality includes secure upload and download as well as the ability to securely manage files and directories. Your application can create, list directory structure on remote SSH servers, delete and rename files and directories and perform other operations over SSH-secured communication channel. And if you need to create your own SSH/SFTP server, SecureBlackbox is right for you as it includes classes for creation of such servers.

What Is SFTP?

SFTP protocol lets applications perform file system operations securely over an SSH channel. SFTP is an integral part of the SSH2 family of protocols, and is not related to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) defined by RFC 959 or FTPS (RFC 2228) protocols.

Download SFTP Library

The SFTPBlackbox package is an integral part of SecureBlackbox. You are welcome to download and try C++ edition for iOS and macOS development using C and C++ or VCL edition for iOS and macOS development using FreePascal in order to implement industry-standard security in your iPhone or iPad applications. If you use Xamarin and target iOS with it, you can take .NET edition.
Delphi (VCL) users can use NG edition of SecureBlackbox to add security to their Delphi Mobile applications for iOS.

SFTP and FTPS - what's the difference?

Two seemingly similar protocols are used for file transfer - SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and FTPS (FTP-over-SSL, RFC 2228). While both of them implement secure file transfers and operations, protocols are very different internally and require different secure FTP libraries to implement secure file transfers in your applications.

iOS and macOS applications that need SFTP protocol can use SFTPBlackbox package, while FTPS protocol is ofered in the FTPS library, FTPSBlackbox. Both secure FTP libraries are integral parts of SecureBlackbox and are included with a single download.

Why Choose SFTPBlackbox over Competing SFTP Libraries for iOS and MacOS

  • SSH and SFTP support with widest possible feature support;
  • Compression and pipelining save Internet traffic, reduce bandwidth requirements and speed up file transfers;
  • Create SSH and SFTP server and client applications;
  • Low-level functions for many types of file and directory operations on remote file system;
  • The library can be used to build desktop and mobile applications;
  • Extensive knowledgebase and individual support options are available to help you with the development of your project.
Complete list of features.

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