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Authentication in SSL/TLS and secured protocols and in SecureBlackbox - SecureBlackbox®

SSL / TLS becomes a mainstream protocol for securing network communications in Internet. This is possible due to authentication mechanisms built into SSL / TLS. Historically SSL used X.509 certificates (often mistakenly called SSL certificates) for authenticating servers and clients. Recent additions to TLS standard made it possible to use other mechanisms, such as OpenPGP keys, pre-shared symmetric keys (passwords) and one-time passwords.

SecureBlackbox classes offer widest possible support for all possible authentication mechanisms. This means that you can authenticate both the server and the client of the network connection using the method which is the most handy for you. While X.509 certificates are globally adopted they are based on trust in hierarchical Public Key Infrastructure which is not always secure (due to organizational rather than technical reasons). With SecureBlackbox you are free to replace X.509 certificates with OpenPGP keys or in simplest cases with pre-shared keys.

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