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Proxy server support in SecureBlackbox - SecureBlackbox®

Proxies are used to bypass firewalls and NATs, reduce amount of traffic and perform security operations (virus scanning, DLP etc.). SecureBlackbox supports the following proxy types:

  • SOCKS - used to tunnel any TCP connection using SOCKS protocol;
  • HTTPS (HTTP CONNECT, Web Tunneling) - used to tunnel any TCP connection using HTTP protocol and HTTP CONNECT command. This proxy type was initially designed for tunneling HTTPS traffic, but can be used (unless disabled on the proxy) for any traffic;
  • HTTP - HTTP proxies are used to cache the data (when many clients access the same data) and for other purposes. HTTP proxies are part of HTTP protocol and can usually serve only HTTP requests (though in theory the proxy server can access resources offered via another protocol, such as FTP);
  • FTP - these proxies are rare nowadays and they are specific to FTP protocol

SOCKS and Web Tunneling support is built into the socket class in SecureBlackbox, so it's available in all components that use internal socket. HTTP proxy is supported in HTTPBlackbox package by HTTP client class (and you can build your own proxy using HTTP server classes). FTP proxy is supported in FTPSBlackbox package by FTP client class.

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