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Use of smartcards and USB cryptotokens in SecureBlackbox - SecureBlackbox®

SecureBlackbox on Windows includes extensive functionality for managing and use of X.509 certificates, SSH and OpenPGP keys, symmetric keys and custom data stored on Cryptocards and USB tokens.

Hardware devices are accessed by SecureBlackbox using Windows CryptoAPI or PKCS#11 interfaces. When using CryptoAPI interface, certificate and associated private keys stored on the device can be used for various operations, such as encryption and digital signing of data, SSL/TLS authentication and much more.

PKCS#11 interface lets you add and delete objects (public and private keys, symmetric keys, certificates, application-defined data) on cryptographic devices, retrieve them from device (when the data object is marked as exportable on device) and use the object for cryptographic operations supported on the device.

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