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On-the-fly encryption in CloudBlackbox - SecureBlackbox®

One of key features of CloudBlackbox package is its functions to encrypt the data when it is transferred to the cloud storage and decrypt it back when the data is read from the cloud storage. Such on-the-fly encryption ensures that your data doesn't leave the system unsecured. It will be secured from any third-party access both when being transferred and when stored in the cloud storage.

Support for modern cryptographic algorithms (AES256 with SHA-512) ensures maximum possible security strength and unbreakable protection.

CloudBlackbox supports encryption of data using symmetric keys (passphrases or binary keys), RSA keys or X.509 certificates.

In case of RSA keys and certificates it's possible to encrypt the data having one or several public keys and the data can be decrypted only by those who have the corresponding private keys. This way you can pass encrypted data to someone using a cloud service without sharing a symmetric key or passphrase with the recipient. Moreover, using several public keys of several recipients lets you avoid duplication of data and pass one instance of the data to several recipients.

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