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SecureBlackbox is a suite of software components that allows developers to add strong security to their applications to protect binary data, files, documents and e-mails.

SecureBlackbox includes authentic implementations (no 3rd-party code used) of various data security standards and network communication protocols for various platforms (Windows, .NET, Linux, MacOS X / iOS, Java / Android).

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Release:  14.0.285
21 November 2015

SSLBlackbox main features

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image  SSL/TLS Protocol implementation contains the following features, common to both client-side and server-side components:

  • widest possible compatibility via support for modern TLS 1.2, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.0, still used SSL 3 and historical SSL 2;
  • DTLS (Datagram TLS) protocol support lets you secure your UDP-based communications;
  • flexible client- and server-side SSL/TLS authentication support during handshake allows deploying the classes to custom PKI infrastructure;
  • user-controlled validation of certificates lets you build custom PKI infrastructure or better control authentication in SSL/TLS;
  • built-in compression increases transfer speed and reduces network load;
  • optional resuming of TLS sessions in both client and server components. Both SSL sessions and TLS Stateless resumption are supported;
  • use of Cryptocards and USB Crypto Tokens for further protection of secret information (private and secret keys);
  • authentication using OpenPGP keys and pre-shared keys (PSK) provides an alternative to PKI for in-house solutions;
  • SRP (Secure Remote Password) cipher suites is another alternative to PKI for authentication;
  • standard and custom TLS extensions let you harness the power of TLS specification and include additional information to the handshake, if necessary;
  • possibility to secure any data channels (and not just TCP or UDP sockets) lets you secure any communication channel with TLS or DTLS;
  • OCSP stapling support lets you reduce load on certificate authorities' OCSP servers during certificate validation;
  • certificates with key length from 512 to 16384 bits give you enough security for today and tomorrow solutions;
  • support for RSA, DSA and DH public key algorithms and optional ECC-based cipher suites;
  • data encryption with Camellia, AES (128 to 256 bit), Triple DES (3DES), DES, ARCFOUR, RC2 algorithms;
  • asynchronous operation mode lets you easily build synchronous and asynchronous applications.
All features are supported by both client and server classes.

image  ElSimpleSSLClient is a client socket-based component, which encapsulates a socket and an SSL client inside and offers handy and easy to use interface for communication with remote server. It has the following features:

image  Client-side FTP / FTPS protocol implementation offers the following FTP and FTPS features:

image  HTTPBlackbox includes a client-side HTTP / HTTPS protocol implementation, which offers the following HTTP features:

  • HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 functionality including keep-alive requests, chunked encoding and compression (the features required by HTTP 1.1);
  • client-side HTTP over SSL (HTTPS);
  • REST client component;
  • WebSocket (RFC 6455) client implementation that lets you connect to WebSockets server;
  • custom commands support for easy implementation of various REST APIs;
  • easy to use and flexible cookie management via cookie manager class or via events handled by your application;
  • support for files over 4 Gb;
  • HTTP, SOCKS and HTTP CONNECT (web tunneling) proxies support to ensure maximum connectivity;
  • handling of "Windows Integrated" or NTLM authentication on both destination servers and proxy servers for internal company applications;
  • flexible redirection handling lets you avoid incorrect redirection configuration the server side;
  • easy to use data post capabilities with methods to post web forms and binary data streams;
  • flexible support for client- and server-side SSL/TLS authentication during data exchange allows deploying the classes to custom PKI infrastructure;
  • built-in TCP socket;
  • possibility to use application-provided low-level transport allows to perform communication over any carrier and not just TCP socket;
  • bandwidth control to avoid overloading of slow networks;
  • IPv6 and International Domain Names (IDN) support for maximum network connectivity;
  • support for custom DNS servers and DNSSEC for even more security and network stability;
  • port knocking support for advanced security

image  PKI Infrastructure - besides SSL/TLS features, SSLBlackbox includes base functions of PKIBlackbox.

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