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Add perfect security to your application!

SecureBlackbox is a suite of software components that allows developers to add strong security to their applications to protect binary data, files, documents and e-mails.

SecureBlackbox includes authentic implementations (no 3rd-party code used) of various data security standards and network communication protocols for various platforms (Windows, .NET, Linux, MacOS X / iOS, Java / Android).

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Clients say:

We started with few knowledge to digital signing, but with the help of the documentation, the samples and the very excellent support of EldoS we reached our goal very fast.

Latest version

Release:  13.0.282
06 October 2015

Pre-release:  14.0.283
08 October 2015

SSHBlackbox package of SecureBlackbox®

SecureBlackbox product diagram

SSHBlackbox lets you connect to remote servers using SSH client components and classes or to create your own SSH server. You can access remote shell, execute remote commands, use secure port forwarding functionality (including dynamic port forwarding) and also use SSH for custom data exchange. SFTP (SSH File Transfer functions of SSH) is available with SFTPBlackbox.

SSH protocol (Secure Shell) was originally developed by commercial organization for securing remote shell access. The protocol supports compression and tunneling multiple TCP connections over one secured connection.

SSH supports various authentication schemes such as password-based, public key or keyboard-interactive, allowing the client authorize itself using several schemes at the same time. SSHBlackbox also supports PKI infrastructure for server and client authentication based on X.509 certificates. This type of authentication is supported by some SSH servers on the market.

To perform cryptographic functions and for PKI operations SSHBlackbox uses PKIBlackbox, base functions of which are included with SSHBlackbox package.

SSHBlackbox includes its own implementation of SSH/STP protocol family and doesn't include any external code like OpenSSL, OpenSSH etc.

Top 6 reasons to choose SecureBlackbox:


Strict observance of the standards and the most secure algorithms, used in the industry, ensures highest level of security of the offered solutions.


SecureBlackbox is an integrated suite of instruments, equally applicable for building complex security-related software solutions and for adding data protection to existing applications.

Easy to use architecture

SecureBlackbox was carefully designed by software architects, who have extensive experience in software development and design.

Readiness for use

One can use SecureBlackbox even if he/she has only basic knowledge of information security and cryptography.

Flexible support policy

EldoS Corporation offers many support options, from forums and knowlegebase to free individual support and expert services.

Affordable licensing schemes

EldoS Corporation offers affordable royalty-free licenses for all its products. All licenses include free individual support and free updates.

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