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SecureBlackbox is a suite of software components that allows developers to add strong security to their applications to protect binary data, files, documents and e-mails.

SecureBlackbox includes authentic implementations (no 3rd-party code used) of various data security standards and network communication protocols for various platforms (Windows, .NET, Linux, macOS / iOS, Java / Android).

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Latest version

Release:  15.1.304
23 May 2017

Pre-release:  16.0.303
21 May 2017

SFTPBlackbox main features

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image  The most important among numerous features that SFTP Protocol implementation offers are

  • SFTP versions 3-6 support by SFTP server class;
  • support for SFTP protocol versions 2-6 in SFTP client class;
  • low-level methods (ReadFile, WriteFile, Seek, Block/Unblock) that give you fine-grain control over contents of the remote filesystem;
  • attribute retrieval and modification, including the attributes defined by SFTP 4 to 6;
  • operations with symlinks and hardlinks;
  • custom commands can be sent (by the client) and handled (by the server) to provide extended capabilities;
  • (optional) ZLib compression to reduce network load and increase security;
  • text and binary transfer modes including support for text mode in SFTP versions before SFTP 4;
  • support for Unicode file names via UTF8;
  • upload and download of any information represented as Streams - disk files, in-memory streams, database records or any other custom streams;
  • (optionally) work with remote file data using convenient SFTPStream class (descendant of .NET Stream and VCL TStream);
  • all possible authentication methods supported: public-key, host-based, password-based, keyboard-interactive, GSS-API (Kerberos, NTLM, custom schemes), OpenPGP key and X.509 certificate;
  • (optional) public-key authentication using Pageant (part of PuTTY) and ssh-agent (part of OpenSSH);
  • keyboard-interactive authentication that is handled internally or passed to the application via event;
  • asynchronous and synchronous operation modes which let you easily build synchronous and asynchronous applications;
  • handling of files over 4 Gb;
  • possibility to use SFTP over custom data transport (not just SSH);
  • data transfer using events/callbacks, i.e. possibility to secure not only socket-based, but also other types of data exchange;
  • (optional) FIPS-compliant operation mode

image  ElSimpleSFTPClient is an SFTP client component, which encapsulates several SSH and SFTP components inside and offers:

  • batch operations - methods for uploading, downloading and deleting one or several files and drectories with one method call;
  • batch operations using wildcards and regular expressions;
  • possibility to dynamically exclude files from batch transfer;
  • overwrite, resume, append and skip modes of file upload and download;
  • events to track operation progress (both for single-file and batch operations) and stop the operation if needed;
  • all SFTP operations available in easy-to-use synchronous interface;
  • possibility to execute SSH commands over established SSH connection when there's a need to perform remote shell operation before or after transfer;
  • access to all SSH features via included SSHBlackbox package;
  • virtual file system support - provide access to existing file system or access your virtual file hierarchies;
  • built-in TCP socket with support for SOCKS and HTTP CONNECT (web tunneling) proxies with various authentication mechanisms;
  • bandwidth control to avoid overloading of slow networks;
  • IPv6 and International Domain Names (IDN) support for maximum network connectivity;
  • support for custom DNS servers and DNSSEC for even more security and network stability;
  • possibility to use application-provided low-level transport allows to perform communication over any carrier and not just TCP socket;
  • port knocking support for advanced security

image  SSH protocols - as SFTP usually runs on top of SSH protocol, SFTP includes all features provided by SSH protocol in SSHBlackbox package (included into SFTPBlackbox).

image  PKI Infrastructure - besides SFTP and SSH features, SFTPBlackbox includes base functions of PKIBlackbox.

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