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SecureBlackbox is a suite of software components that allows developers to add strong security to their applications to protect binary data, files, documents and e-mails.

SecureBlackbox includes authentic implementations (no 3rd-party code used) of various data security standards and network communication protocols for various platforms (Windows, .NET, Linux, macOS / iOS, Java / Android).

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Clients say:

We started with few knowledge to digital signing, but with the help of the documentation, the samples and the very excellent support of EldoS we reached our goal very fast.

Latest version

Release:  15.1.304
23 May 2017

Pre-release:  16.0.303
21 May 2017

SAMLBlackbox main features

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image  The most important among numerous features that SAML Protocol implementation offers are

  • Support for SAML 2.0 protocol;
  • possibility to create Identity Providers (IdP);
  • possibility to create Service Providers (SP);
  • support for Service Provider- and Identity Provider- initiated authentication;
  • password, X.509 certificate and IP-based authentication methods supported;
  • Profiles: Web browser SSO, Single logout, Artifact resolution;
  • Bindings: Redirect, POST, Artifact, SOAP and PAOS;
  • Assertions: plain XML, signed, encrypted;
  • SAML metadata: generation, parsing, components auto-configuration;
  • ability to create custom assertions and SAML requests;
  • compatibility with various SAML servers including Google Apps, SimpleSAMLPHP, Shibboleth;
  • built-in TCP socket with support for SOCKS and HTTP CONNECT (web tunneling) proxies with various authentication mechanisms;
  • bandwidth control to avoid overloading of slow networks;
  • IPv6 and International Domain Names (IDN) support for maximum network connectivity;
  • support for custom DNS servers and DNSSEC for even more security and network stability;
  • possibility to use application-provided low-level transport allows to perform communication over any carrier and not just TCP socket;
  • port knocking support for advanced security

image  XMLEnc and SOAP are the cornerstone of SAML, so XMLBlackbox is included in SAMLBlackbox. HTTPS is used as a transport for SOAP requests, so HTTPBlackbox client+server package is also included in SAMLBlackbox.

image  PKI Infrastructure - besides XML and HTTPS features, SAMLBlackbox includes base functions of PKIBlackbox.

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