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SecureBlackbox is a suite of software components that allows developers to add strong security to their applications to protect binary data, files, documents and e-mails.

SecureBlackbox includes authentic implementations (no 3rd-party code used) of various data security standards and network communication protocols for various platforms (Windows, .NET, Linux, macOS / iOS, Java / Android).

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Release:  15.1.304
23 May 2017

Pre-release:  16.0.303
21 May 2017

PKIBlackbox package of SecureBlackbox®

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PKIBlackbox lets you add various PKI-based functionality to your software. This includes X.509 certificate management, data processing (signing, encryption, timestamping), signing of executable modules. You can also build server-side functions for timestamping and online certificate status validation into your applications.

PKIBlackbox also includes functions for using One-Time Passwords (OTP, both HOTP and TOTP are supported) in client and server applications.

With PKIBlackbox you can use cryptographic hardware (cryptocards, USB tokens), compliant to PKCS#11 interface, in your PKI operations.

X.509 certificates were originally designed as a part of X.500 infrastructure. Since then, they have been adopted as a reliable source of authentication and integrity validation.

X.509 certificates are used for signing and decryption of any information (PKCS#7 and CMS standards). With PKIBlackbox you can also create long-term signatures with timestamping to the data (CAdES standard).

JSon-based cryptography (JSon Web Keys, tokens, signing and encryption) is offered for both desktop and Web applications.

With help of the Distributed Cryptography add-on your web server applications can sign the data using the certificates, located on the client side, without transferring the certificates or the data in either side.

For a long time X.509 certificates were used for securing SSL/TLS sessions. Now certificates become integral part of other technologies, such as IPSec (low-level internet security), SSH (secure connection tunneling), S/MIME (Secure Mail), OpenPGP, PDF and XML signing and encryption and other.

Basic functions of PKIBlackbox are included into all packages of SecureBlackbox. Advanced functions, namely PKCS#11 interface, TSP and OCSP servers, Authenticode, X.509 certificate generation and CRL signing, CMS and CAdES signing and encryption of data, One-Time Passwords, ECIES encryption require a license for PKIBlackbox, SecureBlackbox Transports, SecureBlackbox Data Security, SecureBlackbox Standard or SecureBlackbox Professional package.

CAdES specification requires collection of external timestamps and complete certificate chain revocation information. This is performed by PKIBlackbox with help of additional SecureBlackbox packages (HTTPBlackbox client and LDAPBlackbox) licensed separately, in AdESBlackbox or as part of larger Professional package.

Top 6 reasons to choose SecureBlackbox:


Strict observance of the standards and the most secure algorithms, used in the industry, ensures highest level of security of the offered solutions.


SecureBlackbox is an integrated suite of instruments, equally applicable for building complex security-related software solutions and for adding data protection to existing applications.

Easy to use architecture

SecureBlackbox was carefully designed by software architects, who have extensive experience in software development and design.

Readiness for use

One can use SecureBlackbox even if he/she has only basic knowledge of information security and cryptography.

Flexible support policy

EldoS offers many support options, from forums and knowlegebase to free individual support and expert services.

Affordable licensing schemes

EldoS offers affordable royalty-free licenses for all its products. All licenses include free individual support and free updates.

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